Working Together

Working Together


We love to try our hand at any brand and industry, but to date, we have the most experience working in creative industries, such as branding and design, digital marketing, hospitality and tourism, including luxury hotels and tour operators from around the world.

In this digital age, your geographical location is not a problem. The world has become smaller, with the likes of Skype and email, so it is not only Glasgow companies that we love to work with.


When we begin to work with each other, we’ll talk through your needs and what you want to get out of your marketing. We then discuss budget and we will give you an idea of expected costs for the project.

If it is just an initial discussion, then email or phone is best, but once it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of your marketing, a meeting over a coffee works wonders. You can choose the location, whether it’s a coffee shop meeting or you would prefer to have it on your premises. However, if you are not local to Glasgow, then a cup of tea over Skype is the next best thing. We are always just an email or phone call away, and will get back to you ASAP.


Each project is priced differently. It depends entirely on the project itself, such as how many words you want written, how much research is involved, how much detail you require, how many of Black & White’s services you intend to use, etc. We can discuss pricing in more detail when we discuss the needs of the project. We can arrange for a ‘retainer’ if you would like to use our services more frequently. This is particularly useful if you would like us to write regular blog articles, or magazines, so we can offer a set amount per month.


Get in touch today to find out how Black & White Marketing can help you with your marketing.