Copywriting & Blogs

Copywriting & Blogs


Engaging your audience with interesting and relevant content

There is an art to writing content. There is nothing worse than having keywords thrown around, left, right and centre all in the name of SEO – it has to be readable as well! Remember, there are real, live, potential customers on the other end of the screen and it is for them that we are writing. Of course keywords are important, but we need to get your customers interested in the actual content if you want them to engage. Providing them with added value, new information and exciting stories is how we get them to keep coming back for more. 

Black & White can write blog articles on a wide variety of topics. We have experience in hospitality and tourism, covering areas such as hotel news through to tour operators and their customers’ experiences. In the creative industry, we have also written many articles on design, branding, and websites.


Reach out to your audience with a variety of content, stories and inside information

Creating a magazine from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if it needs to be quite long. However, working with a clear goal, the content for the magazine will begin to take shape. Each article needs to be as interesting as the last, to give the reader a reason to keep turning those pages. To keep the content varied, our magazines often include stories that were written after chats with staff, experiences that customers wanted to share, interviews and insights from industry experts, research on topics and trends etc. The content really depends on the purpose of the magazine, but every project will include a content plan, thorough research and specific interviews with relevant people.


When it comes to website content, there is a fine line between reader friendly and SEO savvy

Of course you want your website to rank high for SEO, but just like the blog articles, you don’t want to clutter it with keywords. You want to make a great first impression; after all, these people could be potential customers so we want to help them get a feel for your business early on. Are you a serious, professional company or a fun-loving, quirky agency? Why should they use your services or products over those of your competitors?

It’s not just about tone; the structure of your site will also help or hinder your customers in understanding what you do. There are so many websites where you have to really search for information and you could read every page and still have no idea what the company does! Let’s make it easy for customers to know they are in the right place and you will take care of their needs. We tailor your content to match your brand voice and overall marketing objectives, helping your customers get to know you.

So whether you want us to rewrite your entire site or you just feel it needs a wee refresh, Black & White can help you.


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